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Window Air Conditioner

Window Air Conditioner

Smarter, Quieter, Cooler

Window Air-Conditioner

Efficiently cool down your room or office with the low power operating Emerson Quiet Kool 8,000 BTU 115-volt window air conditioner. The easy to install unit quietly cools down 350 sq.ft. with several options to control cooling and fan speeds, temperature dial, and 8-way directional air louvers to accommodate to your ideal comfort level. Enjoy a great night’s rest or comfortable work environment with the automated evaporation mechanism and washable filter that removes extraneous moisture from the air, prevents mold and mildew from forming and reduces airborne particles.

Well-equipped to deal with the most sweltering of heat conditions, Window Air Conditioners by EQK are powerful, easy-to-install and highly cost-efficient due to their low power use and many other advanced features.



Window AC Variant

Window Air Conditioners Window Air Conditioners