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Mini Split Air Conditioner

Mini Split Air Conditioner

Smarter, Quieter, Cooler

Mini Split Air Conditioner

The ideal solution for residential homes and businesses, EQK Split Conditioner will create a comfortable environment any time of the year. Its intuitive technology will ensure that your desired area will be heated or cooled precisely to your comfort level and can be quickly changed with a simple touch of a button. Easy to maintain and operate, users can conveniently adjust the temperature anywhere in the room via the wireless remote. Access features such as super for fast cooling or heating, sleep mode, and swing that will adjust louvers.

With its compact design, the unit can accommodate to any room’s aesthetics so you can enjoy unparalleled comfort in style. Perfect for hard to reach places or areas with limited space, the unit uses minimal energy to efficiently and quietly cool or heat an area. No matter what the weather is outside, EQK Split conditioner will create a comfortable environment all year round.


One Touch Smart App Connectivity

We've built the HE Smart connect app allowing you to seamlessly connect your smartphone to your AC, enabling advanced interactions over and above smart features.


Mini Split AC Series

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