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How do I clean the filter on my Emerson Quiet Kool?

Clean the AIR FILTER once two weeks. Clean the AIR FILTER with a vacuum cleaner or water, then dry it up in cool place. Hold the two parts of Plasma where are marked with signal and lift it. Then you can open the cover of the the plasma and remove the filter.

What app I use to connect device to internet?

HE Smart. 

Who makes Emerson air conditioners?

Homeeasy Industrial Co., Ltd
Today, Emerson is a subsidiary of Homeeasy Industrial Co., Ltd. Homeeasy was established in 2005. Its focus is to provide a range of appliances to the global market, from electric heaters to air conditioners. In addition to Emerson Quiet Kool, Homeeasy owns Geek Chef, Cool Works, and Pro-Fusion Heat.